I am a cripple. I wasn’t born with a birth defect. I haven’t suffered a tragic accident that has left me physically disabled. Yet I hobble.

 My limbs are burdened by doubt, weighed down by “what ifs”. I am anchored by apprehension. I use worry as a crutch; it supports my current position of stagnation but doesn’t allow me to move forward.  My heart has dreams but fear overshadows them.

In my bound state, I call out. 

A voice answers.

“You worship the God of surety.”

What does this statement mean to a person plagued by incertitude?

It means a great deal.

It means that I worship a God who is beyond doubt.

It means that my self assurance will be found in the Lord.

It means that Jesus is my security against death. He has assumed responsibility for my sins and weaknesses. He has paid my debt. He has a vested interest in my success.  My contract with Him is eternal.

This is basic Christian doctrine… and it is mindblowing when fully realized.