My name is Prisca and this blog entry is the equivalent of a first date. [Insert polite handshake or side hug here]

  To be frank, it is my sincerest desire not to be left alone in cyberspace. So naturally, I want to impress you. I want things to work out.  In preparation for this entry I have polished my phrases, checked my spelling, and avoided raising my voice with All Caps. I have even dressed up for the occasion (you’ll have to trust me on that one).  While this first entry is rather superficial, I promise we’ll move past the initial stage of shallow conversation. If you return to this blog in the future, you will find entries dealing with all sorts of deeper  issues concerning art, relationships, and spiritual development.

 Why risk the awkwardness of a first entry and venture into blogging at all? I want to blog because I am someone who knows all too well the ‘pangs of creation’.  For me, the feelings of pain and pressure I experience while writing are remarkably close to the pangs endured on the road to personal healing. Addressing personal failings, correcting deep-rooted harmful beliefs, and deciding not live as a member of the ‘walking wounded’ anymore takes determination and a high pain tolerance. Writing in world flooded with voices (a multitude better than mine) requires bravery as well. I don’t think I deserve some special badge or commendation for deciding to face my fears.  However, I would like some travelling companions. I know that there are countless others out there who are struggling with the same issues and questions as I am.  So let us journey together.  I am enduring the pangs of creation with the hope of future glory. How about you?